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Remembering When....

Class of 1964 

Front row from left to right: Ronnie Hale, William Lee, Bernell Walker Fowler, Randy Powell, Bonita McCoy Mccombs, Brenda Andrews Halloway, Back row left to right: Jerry Hood, E.J. Ergle, Larry Lee, Roger Hayes, Dickie Reno, Shelby Alexander Kilpatrick, Glenn Wilkins, Paul Ward and Mary Oliver Sudduth. Celebrating our 45 year reunion.


The class of 1948 visited the campus of Addison High School on September 14, 2010. They visited with one another and spoke to the senior class of 2011. 

Sitting: Dorothy Everett (Class of '45) and Jewell Legg Hampton (1948) 
Standing: Principal Micah Smothers (Class of 1984), Coy Smothers (1946), Lucille Everette White (1948), Hugo Elam (1948), Maxine Lee Thompson (1948), Mable Poovey Prescott (1948) and Calvin Westmoreland (1948).

Composite of 1948 Senior Class pictures

Classes of 1948 and 2011


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