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In Memory of...

In loving memory of Glida Wiggins Greene. She was very active with sports at Addison. Also in loving memory of Jonna Hocutt and Ashlynn Graves-Howell, both 2nd graders at Addison Elementary. All three were tragically killed in a house fire on April 5, 2008.

Inez Alston Woods, First graduating class

Mary Treece, Class of 1945

Tular Gladney, Class of 1945

Jaunita (Buckie) Porter, Class of 1945

Cordell Bell, Class of 1947 passed away July 23, 2003

Billie Marie Smothers passed away on 10-26-07 (She quit school during WWII (1944) because some women had to go to work and could not stay in school.)

Donald Wilson, Class of 1952, Passed in 1998. He loved to play ball at Addison.

"Mack" Mckinley Morgan would have graduated in 1953. He quit in the 10th grade to help support himself and his family. For almost 20 years, he was a bus driver at Addison.

Mary Frances (Milam) Gilmore, Class of 1953, Passed away May 5, 2009 in Miltonvale, KS after a long battle with lung cancer.

Eva Turner Woodard, Class of 1955

John Morgan, Class of 1956

Peggy Green, Class of 1958

Geraldean Seymore Long, Class of 1958, passed away August 3, 2010

Frances Alexander, Class of 1958 Died Dec. 30, 1999

Shirley Ray Alexander Class of 1959 Died Feb. 24, 1982

Lannie Gaines, passed away on July 10, 1997 after losing his battle with cancer.

Will Netherton, Class of 1961

Billy Joe Cutcher, Class of 1961, passed away September 1999

Bobby (Rabbit) McCombs, Class of 1962

Dean Maddox -  would have graduated with cCass of 1962, Died 1961

Billy Joe Alexander, Class of 1963 Died June 9, 1963

Brenda Jean English Peek, Class of 1963

Ralph Hill, Class of 1965-Passed away March 2007

James Ronald (Pete) Hill, Class of 1965-Passed away in 2002

Larry Joe Stallings, Class of 1966

Juvon McCain Makemson, Class of 1966

Steve McCain, Class of 1966

Jackie Benefield Hightower, Class of 1966

Sharon Cutcher Stallings, Class of 1969

Russell England, Class of 1969

Eddie Jackson, Class of 1969, Passed 2008

Jimmy Maddox, Class of 1970

Linda Abbott Gunter, Class of 1970-Passed away February 11, 1992

Rodger Dale Woodard, Class of 1970-Passed away August 9, 2010

Pat Abbott McClellan, Class of 1971-Passed away on April 14, 2014

Stann Smothers, Class of 1972

Terry (Ug) Stallings, Class of 1973

Ann Lancaster Burden, Class of 1974

Krista Jean Lee Oliver, Class of 1974

Diane Willingham Powell, Class of 1975

Vickie Linley Baker, Class of 1975, Passed Sept. 2007

Benny Racer, Class of 1975

Gary (Hambone) Hamilton, Class of 1976

Allen Wood, Class of 1976

Gary Hamilton, Class of 1976

Ronnie Joe Ray, Class of 1976

Timothy Giles Roberts, Class of 1977, 1/9/1958 - 12/3/1999

Sammy Ray Brannon, Class of 1977

Charles Michael Hood, Class of 1977

Jerry Don Moore, Class of 1977

Evelyn Marie Camp, Class of 1977

Michael Lee Denton, Class of 1977

Junior Lee, Class of 1977

Debra Ward Livingston, Class of 1978 (November 5, 1959 - December 31, 2007)

Tammy Renee Powell, Class of 1978 (November 11, 1959 - April 17, 2009)

Doris Bartlett Wilkins, Class of 1979

Phillip Reno, Class of 1979

Johnny Dean Warren, Class of 1979

Shannon Joseph Privett, Class of 1980, Passed December 15, 2009

William Jetton, Class of 1981

James Barry Parker, Class of 1981

Lori Hightower Carroll, Class of 1981

Doyce Hill, Class of 1981

Tony Bradford, Class of 1981, died on May 12th, 2010

Judy Dudley Thompson, Class of 1981 passed away on October 7, 2010

Ramona Steele, Class of 1982-Passed December 22, 2007

Tony Gilliland, Class of 1982

Sandra Hammack Jones, Class of 1982, passed away July 14, 2012

Bruce Pigg, Class of 1983

Charlotte Williams Hyatt, Class of 1983

Glenn Thompson, Class of 1983-Beloved husband of Connie Thompson,1964 to 2006

Telby "Randy" Smothers, Class of 1983

Mike Rooks, Class of 1984-Passed October 28, 2011. R.I.P. Dad, I love you.

Ty Wade, Class of 1984

Steve Fuller, Class of 1984

Tony Hood, Class of 1985

Joe Sterling, Class of 1986

Ralph Davis, Class of 1986

James Lynn Tyree, Class of 1986, Passed Feb 2, 1991

Tracy Arrington , Class of 1987

Sherry Ledena  Pearson, Class of 1987 (March 1, 1969 - November 14, 2007)

Tony Fortenberry, Class of 1989

Marilyn Robinson Breeden, Class of 1989

Karla Mays, Class of 1993 (died shortly after graduation)

Amanda Echols would have been a 1993 graduate, but had to leave school due to a family illness. She later passed away.

Anthony Pearson, would have graduated in 1994

Matthew Lee Oliver, Class of 1995

Melissa Kershaw, Class of 1995-Passed November 25, 1993

Clint David Anders, Class of 1996-Passed August 7,1998

Jeremy R. Ball,  Class of 1997

Jarrod Murray, Class of 1997

Bradley Charles "Bob" Riddle, Class of 1999

Trent Wilson, Class of 1999

Derek Glin Boyd, class of 2003, died on May 12, 2010

Bruce Pigg, Class of ?

Obera Freeman Salter, Class of ?

Mahugh Porter Class of ?, Passed July of 1985.

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